#freelili - Project

#freelili is empowering equality for all genders and sensitivities.
Through ART, in and with the nature we build a new ethical respect and acceptance for all kind of lives.

Each and everyone of you is welcome in this project.
If it´s a speech, dance, music, painting, food, don´t matter which religion or ethnicity, no matter wich age, sexuality or life. No matter which specie, animal, alien …

You can send us your work (contact point below this page) and if we feel that it belongs to #freelili we will feature you. Don´t forget to put the hashtag. Let the Lilis rule the world or at least help to save her.

Sensitivity has a negativ connotation since thousand of years.

Being sensitive, and using our senses were always a sign of humanity and wisdom.

Because without senses we are dead.

This woman’s work
The sublimation of a woman, her work as mother, lover, friend, her getting older but also the return to her roots, the ocean, like venus birth.
Camera: @tina.eppe_fotografie

A poem about silence and the nature. The word „OR “ means also „gold “ in french, so play with words as we play delightfully with the grass. The dancer is the nature herself.
Dancer and voice: @lilitewes

After we killed the Gods of the forest, ocean, air, etc. and put sciences instead we turned „sensitive“ into weak.

we forgot that loving and caring for animals and plants was the first rule on this planet. 

We forget the respect for each other.

An hommage to Laurie Anderson song „Superman“, in this case the wind is superman and gives us wings. Its also about the daily struggles and how we expect from ourselves constantly to be strong.
Camera: @tina.eppe_fotografie

It´s the real story of Arielle the mermaid. She exchanges her voice for legs so she can be with a prince, but he didn’t love her back so she gets abandonned on the beach. Voiceless.
Camera: @tina.eppe_fotografie

Let’s be a Lili so we can call ourselves again human. 

Let’s open our heart and mind again to sensitivity like a wide beautiful flower.

A polish girl in Hamburg
Based on another wonderful song from Gerschwin „an american in Paris “ this is about how you find yourself in every place on earth. How strange the word „stranger “ can be and dangerous. The combination of modern and old fashion is also a call for mix. Life is a Mix.
Dancer: @apatlaszynska

We should listen to the forest so we would know better what we should do and change. rom the tops of the trees to the moss on the floor. One day the forest might be totally mute.
Dancer: @lilitewes