FRENCH devotion for art.          GERMAN capability and discipline.          INTERNATIONAL understanding and teamwork.

Creative Director//Choreographer//Actress//Coach

Lived art and creative diversity in many dimensions.

Julie Pecquet does not allow herself to be confined to certain styles or roles, but sets her own accents. Her imagination is limitless and her inspiration as diverse as life itself. With absolute devotion, she gives creative expression to impressions from nature, music, art and people. Whether stylistic elements from different eras, avant-garde or futuristic – each time different, extraordinary and free of standards.

Julie Pecquet was extensively trained in dance and acting in France and studied dance pedagogy in Hamburg at the Lola Rogge School, graduating with a state-recognised diploma. This was followed by numerous dance stays and further training (Edge & Millenium Dance Center/Los Angeles, Broadway Dance Center/New York, Studio Harmonic/Paris) and courses in acting (Arturo Acting School/Cologne, Stuntfighting Academy/Hamburg, International Voice/Berlin).