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Julie Pecquet works both in front and behind the camera, stage and dancefloor. Internationally known artists love her inexhaustible creativity and professionalism by which she transforms every show into a vibrant event.

As a dancer: Wyclef Jean, Brooklyn Bounce, Garcia, Jan Wayne and Prezzioso. Show performances at „The Dome", „TOP OF THE POPS", „ECHO" and „VIVA ROTATION".

As a choreographer for music acts: for example Brooklyn Bounce, Tank, Garcia, Jan Wayne, Prezzioso, Juliette Schoppmann, No Angles and M4.

TV: „YOU CAN DANCE" (Sat.1), Eurovision Song Contest (ARD), Das Supertalent (RTL), Teenstar (RTL II), Deutsche Stimme (ZDF), Big Brother (RTL)

Vaudeville & theater: GOP, Hip Hop Musical „Wonderland" (Kampnagel), „Love hurts... Petrushka" (The Lab Production/Grevesmuehl).

As an art director for brands and corporations: FIFA, AEROSPACE, STILL, REWE-tourism, Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchell and Pussy Deluxe.


Company: „CIRCA DEL ARTE", composed of dancers, singers, musicians, performers, costume and stage designers.

Crew: Lilith Daughters (LD) merge styles from subculture and modern dance (fusion). Their performances are expressive, sensual, inspiring, fresh, with a touch of mysticism and liberty.
Available at Closh Dance Fashion is the Lilith Daughters t-shirt collection, designed by Julie Pecquet and her crew.


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