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Julie Pecquet already received her first acting classes in the age of seven. Her instructors were Sylvie Kühn, a member of “Le Grand Magic circus squad“, and Jérôme Savary, which she also accompanied on their European tour. During her childhood and adolescence she had the opportunity to act and dance on stage.

2004 she graduated Stuntfighting Academy in Hamburg, 2005 she went through an intensive theater class led by Hans Peter Kuhr. 2008 Julie Pecquet mastered a training as a dubbing actor at Carmen Molinar‘s (International Voice Berlin) and 2010 Greta Amend and Hermann Killmeyer helped her to enhance her acting skills.

Lead roles in CARMEN 2000 (clown) (directed by Michael Temme), as Charmion in „Antonius & Kleopatra“ (directed by Hans Peter Kuhr) as well as appearances in various theater and TV productions underlined Julie Pecquet‘s impressive miscellaneousness and transformation ability.